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ANGEL & DEVIL PODCAST FOUNDER: ANGELIKA KHAYDAR STYLE: HOUSE & TECHNO Each of us has both a light and a dark side. Many people hide their dark side because they want to look like good boys and girls while others, on the contrary, choose the image of bad guys avoiding in any way to look straight. This podcast is about changing our role in society and in life in general. As our lives go on we observe duality in everything, especially in our personality. I suggest that you should not pretend to be someone else just be yourself, since you will have the opportunity to reveal all “facets” of your identity and music will help you to do that. The Angel & Devil podcast is a vivid reflection of ourselves. Be yourself and catch the top wave with Anzhelika Khaydar. It’s time to venture your most unforgettable journey together with Anzhelika Khaydar, she will accompany you and wants to be your friend. Are you ready to take a risk? Let's start? Soooo we goooo! Who are you tonight? Angel or Devil? What will you choose Black or White side? What will you do - Sleep or Dance? Follow the drive with me tonightttt!
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