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DJ Ron SA, a popular name in the Cape Town music and specifically DJ scene, was born on 15 March 1989 as Ronald Fabian Coetzee in Upington, Northern Cape. Later on he moved to Cape Town to further his DJing career and bring his passion for music and spunk for life to the mother city. He wasn’t always known for his DJing talents at first, more for his dancing techniques which is unique to the little town where he grew up. This all changed when he attended a relative’s wedding reception and found himself mesmerized by the DJ performing at the reception. He enjoyed it so much that he spend the evening next to the DJ in the DJ booth! This was the little spark that instigated the firecracker that we now know as DJ Ron SA. He wanted to learn and perfect the art of DJing and started from small beginnings by having jam sessions in his bedroom. This was never enough for him though, and he decided to make an effort to advance himself in the DJing industry by joining the SAE Music Institute, better knowns as BEATBANGAZ DJ ACADEMY. Small beginnings leads to greater things as long as you keep moving! And this is also his motto in life, reaffirmed by his #tag that sounds #OnsGaanneTaan, translating to “We just keep on moving”. This movement and determination has granted him many opportunities to perform at various events and locations all over South Africa, such as: 2013 Dubfest Milnerton, KwaMiles Wesbank, ShisaNyama Kraaifontein, Illengelethu Sports Field Malmesbury, Komga's First Annual Bash 2018, Phili's Place, Bobs Bar, Mzolies, Kennedy's, Nomad Bistro Bar, Stones Edward Street, Club Savanah, Meeting Point Tanzanian Restaurant, Premium Sports Bar, Club White Palace, GSpot, One80 Dart Pub, Club Savannah, Club Apollo, Italian House, Club Openarms, Club Metronome and UNCUT ON LONG. What a list! But then larger corporations heard about his talents and his ability to get people off their seats and on to the dance floor and invited him to perform at their annual staff parties. He performed at Pick ‘n Pay Upington 2015 staff party and at TakeALot Cape Town 2016 staff party. Thereafter, DJ Ron SA decided to take #TheRonExperience (#TRE) to the masses and participated in larger competitions with the goals of enlightening more people with his music and progressing in the DJing industry. He competed in the 2018 RED Square DJ Knockout Challenge where he progressed to the semi-finals; as well as the 2019 Soundwave Radio World Tour Auditions where he progressed to the Cape Town finals. DJ Ron SA has some radio DJing experience under his belt as well. He’s done shows on Kue Online Station, 7441Fm, Radio Riverside, Bush Radio 89.5 and RadioKC 107.7 FM where he’s the resident. So in true DJ Ron SA fashion #OnsGaanneTaaN! Inspiring the next generation and helping them secure a better future is another big passion for DJ Ron SA, and earlier this year (2019) he hosted his own Charity event: This Is ME. The event served as a platform for youngsters to live out their various talents like sing, dance, poetry and modelling. The main goal of This Is ME was to preach words of encouragement and motivation to the youngsters who often feel trapped in their environment, Wesbank Kuilsrivier; but also served as a reminder of that there is life outside of gangsterism, drugs, teen pregnancy and school drop outs. This is the essence of what being South African is all about. For bookings you can email DJ Ron SA on ronaldcoetzee@outlook.com or call 0817343483. Or you can find him on: Instagram @djronsa | Twitter @dj_ronSa | Fb Page DJ Ron Sa | SoundCloud | YOUTUBE | MixCloud: DJ RON SA
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